From: Brian Ahern

If you believe in MiB, then it is axiomatic that you believe in UFO 
conspiracies as well.

Unfortunately this leaves you blind to scams by experts Rossi, Papp, Mills etc


Oh shucks, you mean to say the MIB aren’t reporting back to UFOs? Then they 
must be T-men G-men or what?

LOL. I think Kellyanne nailed it… this is a case of “alternative facts”. We 
want our Kellyanne back! 

Wiki sez: reports of men in black represent experiences that "don’t seem to 
have occurred in the world of consensus reality"… they were quoting Jerome 
Clark, a county music song writer (therefore an expert on fabricated reality)… 
but seriously UFOs open the door to more than one reality – and given the 
dangerous notion of “majority rule” we could see MIB prerogatives written into 
an executive order – the future of BLM.

To a few cynical scientists, this essentially means that there is indeed a “non 
consensus reality” (a huge fraction of the population which can become a 
majority in more than a few cases) where MIB/UFO/NWO/ and QuarkX exist as a 
figment of the imagination which is as real to that segment as the miracles of 
wine-to-water etc. 

Objective reality is such a bitch….

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