Chris Zell wrote:
Papp in particular, seemed to have something.  The Feynman incident suggests to 
me that there was something real about his claims.

It is frustrating to me why intelligent observers continue to think that the 
Feynman incident (tragedy) points to something real in alternative physics. It 
does not.
The reason it is frustrating is that once I thought this too, being a bit 
envious of Feynman and a promoter of LENR, however… on closer consideration it 
becomes clear…
If you frame this incident in objective terms, you have this:
1) A well-known fraudster with a prior history of egregious scams (see the 300 
mph submarine scam (
2) Claims to Invent a self-powered engine which apparently defies the laws of 
physics, yet its operational parameters change drastically dozens of times and 
are not certain even today yet…
3) Having no independent verification of gain, the inventor audaciously seeks 
more money from investors and
4) Presents the latest incarnation of the invention near Cal-Tech, in a fund 
raising gambit  - knowing that skeptics will be enticed to view it and he
5) Rigs the device to fail explosively if a certain extension cord is 
disconnected (according to Feynman’s proof) along with Papp’s pre-planned drama 
queen theatrics…
6) The bait is taken by an incredulous patsy – Feynman, whose reputation is 
temporarily blemished by this event, but scarcely tarnished in the long term, 
7) No one expected a ensuing death but it served to benefit Papp beyond all 
8)  In the end: Papp should have been charged with homicide but CalTech settled 
(for less than the cost of Tesla, and to end the negative PR)
This  appraisal makes far more sense to me than the claims of Papp supporters… 
especially since the “test of time” has been relentless since 1969, and that 
test tells the tale. No Papp engine has ever performed anywhere near OU despite 
millions of investment - and it is clear after nearly half a century that there 
is nothing to see here but the echoes of a well-crafted scam …
Well, other than a few “poppers” LOL. What an embarrassment that the best Papp 
results after all these years are no more than child’s play.
Feynman’s first principle of physics is that you must not fool yourself … 
because you are the easiest person to fool, when you desire the outcome.

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