The point it is that, as far as I can notice here, there is no such notion.
You are telling them stuff without explaining what you mean. You seem to be
a lunatic or a fanatic for them. You are talking about a game they don't
know, you don't explain the rules at all, that is, how you reached such
conclusions,  and you don't seem to notice that.

2017-10-13 20:27 GMT-03:00 Che <>:

> No, that's just what people 'improving' marxism -- i.e. reformist radicals
> (an oxymoron, no?) -- invariably call real marxists. You know: those people
> who hold onto their quaint, old, obsolete, fervent beliefs in things like
> historical-materialism, the Internationalist proletariat and
> class-struggle...
> Daniel Rocha - RJ

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