Neither AI nor robots are a problem at all, the trouble is the transition.
As the transition happens, people are not happily lose their jobs neither
owners of large business will be able to sustain profits, this is
unsolvable contradiction (that is, not solvable without violence). Unlike
other types of innovation, AI is not an amplification of human labor, it is
a substitution to humans. Perhaps, if cold fusion were to be realized
before such threshold was crossed, people would perhaps get away from
civilization and mind their own business, but it doesn't seem the case
until now. There isn't,though, any meaningful advance in AI for decades.
What happens is the massive feed of data for very repetitive tasks in a
very narrow field of expertise.It just happens that, as time goes, the
number of narrow field increases. A true AI wouldn't require that much data
to learn new fields.

Indeed, all revolutions were associated with poverty. But not exactly any
type of poverty. It's a type of poverty that cannot be brushed away. In the
case of UK, or most developed countries, at least part of menial jobs could
be offloaded to colonies or to the third world, so you wouldn't have too
much people angry close together. This is not enough though, because you
have to have a strong army with high morale and with massive support of the
population (partisans, like Vietcongs). This high morale, for example, came
in general in the form of genocide from a foreign invader. This is the case
of Russia in the 1st world war, which suffered genocide from the rulings of
nobles (they spoke French among themselves, for example); China, South East
Asia, from Japan and European powers; East Europe, were devastated by
Nazis, had, because of that, a vast quantity of partisans, and they were
the ones that ruled. Fractured countries, without a clear ethnic majority
failed, like in Africa, Middle East and in most of the Andean countries. In
South Asia, there is a long stale mate because, while they are fractured,
each of one them is quite large.

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