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> The point it is that, as far as I can notice here, there is no such
> notion. You are telling them stuff without explaining what you mean. You
> seem to be a lunatic or a fanatic for them.

What reformists and the pseudo-Left DO is PANDER to these sorts... who
remain essentially unchallenged in their 'comfort-zones'. And so you get
the usual ridiculous 'patriotic' bile out of them here, as everywhere else.
It is the FEAR of reformists and panderers that they are seen to be
'irrelevant' or 'wrong' or (gasp) 'not quite right in the head', that has
them feeding into this smug obtuseness.

However it is the POINT of Socialist class-struggle to NOT pander to either
agents OR followers of the hegemonic bourgeois order. In any way.

Hell; AFAIC, people like me will look like SAINTS compared to what the
likes of *you* counsel here, come the inevitable lurching financial
collapse (or World war) soon coming -- all the more-so, for those who will
now lose their jobs, cars, houses, families (and perhaps their minds as
well), as opposed to those who suffered a decade ago...

> You are talking about a game they don't know, you don't explain the rules
> at all, that is, how you reached such conclusions,  and you don't seem to
> notice that.

Not my fault -- NOT my problem. And so please stop second-guessing my
methods, OK? In spite of what you say above, you're in FACT, actually just
*encouraging* them to continue-on in their willful ignorance. You and I are
NOT on the same team, bub. So MYOB.

> 2017-10-13 20:27 GMT-03:00 Che <comandantegri...@gmail.com>:
>> No, that's just what people 'improving' marxism -- i.e. reformist
>> radicals (an oxymoron, no?) -- invariably call real marxists. You know:
>> those people who hold onto their quaint, old, obsolete, fervent beliefs in
>> things like historical-materialism, the Internationalist proletariat and
>> class-struggle...
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