Brian -I think you will be wrong – in a way. 

And right in a way.

When you look at the possibility of any good inventor showing an energy anomaly 
with nickel and hydrogen, there is already a high likelihood that it is 

It has been done many times. Look at the inventors and researchers who have 
claimed to have seen thermal gain it before: at least 40 going back to 1989 and 
most were not in the USA. You have the Italians, the Japanese, the French, the 
Russians, the Indians, etc etc. Someone should compile a list. In fact it is 
probably closer to 60 successful repots or even more.

Therefore it could be said that Rossi – if he were a decent inventor at all, 
should be able to demonstrate some kind of thermal anomaly similar to what was  
being done 28 years ago.

I would not be surprised at all to see an honest COP of 1.5 or thereabouts. The 
key word is “honest” since Rossi is a genuinely dishonest individual.

The problem which has plagued everyone in Nickel-hydrogen since the early days, 
and the reason there is no commercial product is low reliability and low COP.

An outcome which would be worthwhile and interesting, worth of Thanksgiving - 
would be a anomaly with COP greater than 3 which is replicated by others 

You are probably right about that not happening. Highly doubtful.

From: Brian Ahern

I would much prefer being wrong here. Being right gets the LENR world nothing 

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