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>    - Both Patterson and Mizuno reported heat from a mixture of Ni and Pd,
>    which I assume can be ascribed to the Pd.
> Why would you assume that Mizuno’s Clean Planet results can be ascribed to
> Pd?

First, I do not think Clean Planet's results are valid.

Second, Mizuno's own reactor had a lot of Pd in it, and I think that was
the active metal. Mizuno used Pd wire and also Pd was sputtered everywhere
by glow discharge. I expect it went onto the walls and the Ni screens.

I do not know know whether Clean Planet's reactor had Pd in it, but as I
said, I do not trust their calorimetry. They don't want to hear about my

> He [Mizuno -- right?] clearly states the large area of nickel mesh is the
> fusion catalyst. About 20 grams of thin nickel wire was wound on a ceramic
> mandrel. This is over 100 meters of wire.

As I said, I think there is probably a lot of Pd sputtered on to it. In his
latest experiment he got much better results by deliberately putting a
small amount of Pd on the Ni, by two methods. See p. 24:

- Jed

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