Brian and Jones—

IMHO both of you are wrong in your projections.  However as Jones has 
identified there are  lot of Ni/transition metal systems that have been 
produced and demonstrate LENR phenomena.  This fact makes me quite optimistic 
about forth coming demonstrations.

The problem with the commercialization has been lack of adequate R&D funding 
for this objective.  This  lack of funding has ben because of 
dishonesty/conspiracy within establishment energy circles  to maintain the  
cash- cow, buggy- whip energy source technology and to fund  highly impractical 
 and expensive new technology—for example, hot fusion that has no competitive 
chance of becoming practical.

The big funding for LENR R&D  has been dark, within corporate and government 
realms of interests.

I consider  Rossi is an unusual example of a persistent effort over a number of 
years with modest multi-million dollar funding to produce a practical/cheap 
LENR energy source.    We shall see in the not too distant future.

Bob Cook

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Subject: RE: [Vo]:Another opportunity for Rossi to disappoint

Brian -I think you will be wrong – in a way.

And right in a way.

When you look at the possibility of any good inventor showing an energy anomaly 
with nickel and hydrogen, there is already a high likelihood that it is 

It has been done many times. Look at the inventors and researchers who have 
claimed to have seen thermal gain it before: at least 40 going back to 1989 and 
most were not in the USA. You have the Italians, the Japanese, the French, the 
Russians, the Indians, etc etc. Someone should compile a list. In fact it is 
probably closer to 60 successful repots or even more.

Therefore it could be said that Rossi – if he were a decent inventor at all, 
should be able to demonstrate some kind of thermal anomaly similar to what was  
being done 28 years ago.

I would not be surprised at all to see an honest COP of 1.5 or thereabouts. The 
key word is “honest” since Rossi is a genuinely dishonest individual.

The problem which has plagued everyone in Nickel-hydrogen since the early days, 
and the reason there is no commercial product is low reliability and low COP.

An outcome which would be worthwhile and interesting, worth of Thanksgiving - 
would be a anomaly with COP greater than 3 which is replicated by others 

You are probably right about that not happening. Highly doubtful.

From: Brian Ahern<>

I would much prefer being wrong here. Being right gets the LENR world nothing 

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