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>I checked to see if the reports say anything about gammas or neutrons 
>associated with the B-11 fusion reaction or what happens to B-10, which is 
>about 20% of natural boron.  There may be activation associated with the 
>protons and energetic alphas involved in the suggested fusion reactions.
>I wonder if a similar reaction with Li-7 and protons happens with selected 
>stimulation.  I is pretty well known that the Be-8  decay reaction is clean.  
>If the B-11 reaction is not clean, I would not mess with it unless nothing 
>else works.

I got the feeling that they would use only the B11. Separation of the light
isotopes is easier than the heavy ones because the percentage difference in mass
is larger.

What bothered me most, is that the device is a "one shot", IOW it gets destroyed
and replaced with each reaction. Now I haven't run the numbers, but intuitively
I suspect that the cost of the little device is going to exceed the monetary
value of the energy produced in a single shot.


Robin van Spaandonk

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