I think there was sonoluminescent nuclear reaction with neutron production 
experments at Pacific  Northwest Labs and ORNL as recently as 3 years ago.

The researcher at PNL was G. Posakony who passed away about 2 years ago.  I 
read two draft papers by Posakony and a colleague at ORNL on the subject.  He 
was an active researcher up to a year before his death.  Over the years I 
discussed his work with him many times.

I will look into my boxes of stuff for more specifics.

Bob Cook

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>> Rusi Taleyarkhan was working at ORNL some years ago – therefore - they are
>> probably referring to sonofusion
>Possibly, but it is present tense. The lab "is trying."

I think the reporter is utterly confused. I saw nothing in the article that
wasn't related to hot fusion, other than the words "cold fusion".

>There was some other research there long ago.
>- Jed

Robin van Spaandonk

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