As commonly used with respect to engineered systems for production of useful 
mechanical or EM energy such as the production of light or heat, COP  refers to 
the system output useful energy/ energy input.

The key is what is “useful energy” in above definition?

In most cases it is assumed that there is a conservation of energy in the 
system being considered—that stored potential energy may change to useful 
energy—generally mechanical or kinetic energy.   In this regard photons may be 
considered kinetic energy. if moving, or potential  energy, if trapped.

Thus a deeper understanding of the energy transitions which occur over time 
with respect to the engineered system being considered (transitions between 
potential and kinetic energy) is what is most instructive IMHO.

For engineered systems that couple to  the ZPE/ZPF energy source I would 
consider that source a potential energy,  much like  the potential energy of  a 
fuel in a LENR engineered system. with the added benefit of always being 

Bob Cook

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Apparently this is too an issue which is either not important or too technical 
for you. I looked at the few of these references and none of them mention COP 
wrt thermal feedback.

As I said, that is because the COP is meaningless in cold fusion. However, as I 
also said, a thermal pulse often produces heat after death, with a COP of 
infinity. You can't ask for more enhancement than that!

A lack of comprehension of the value of COP as an intuitive and accurate metric 
in LENR and the silly attempt to change its meaning  is apparently guiding an 
uncharacteristic flood of disinformation…

I do not see what is intuitive or accurate about a parameter that does not even 
exist in many experiments. Input power with electrolysis affects the formation 
of material, but it has nothing to do with the performance of the reaction 
itself. The reaction works with no input power during heat after death or with 
gas loading, so how can the ratio of input to output (the COP) be a critical 
parameter? I suggest you address that question rather than insulting top 
experts in this field such as Fleischmann, Storms and Miles. (They are the ones 
who say this, not me. Or not just me.)

- Jed

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