From: Bob Higgins

One of the things I will mention in my presentation at ICCF-21 next month is 
detection of a non-Fourier heat transfer mode in thermal modeling work I did 
for a calorimeter.  Interestingly, Piantelli implicates such a mode as stimulus 
of LENR in his Ni rod experiments.


Not sure that “non-Fourier heat transfer mode” is a useful descriptor of this 
property, but anyway… if an extremely rapid heat transfer capability were to be 
a part of a metal-hydride LENR system, (which seems unlikely, but who knows?)  
then there are design steps which one could take to  optimize the system. The 
basic design which would benefit from very high speed-of-sound mechanics, and 
phasons, would be “spherical convergence”. Assuming the same or similar 
deuteron Fusion dynamics exist which are seen in the Farnsworth Fusor – there 
is perhaps a 20:1 benefit of spherical convergence over solenoid (tubular) 
containment for low energy initiation. That is for a plasma convergence system 
but solid state could be even better.

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