You're kind of on the right track, if not quite for the right reasons yet,
but yes, i've concluded i ought to make a full disclosure within a few days.

I'd wanted to 'do the right thing' and minimise the chances of causing
harm, also giving UK academia first dibs.  No one's taken the bait yet.

Last night i went further and sent a copy of the proofs to Martin Tajmar at
Dresden, so .   No response expected or received, yet - but you gotta give
the guy a chance to see and follow it, assuming it ever got past the
crank-email filter in the first place..  You can't expect anyone, least of
all a renowned scientist, to dive in to such a heresy overnight.

But if i haven't had a bite by the weekend, i'll post up everything i have
for all to see... and so passing responsibility for its safe deployment to
whomever wants to take it on.

I fully expect this to go disastrously.  Most folks will have no idea what
they're seeing, and most who start trying to build will be 'cargo cult
engineering', with no conception of how the gain actually arises or what
their design will need to do to successfully manifest and harness it.
They'll just start knocking up something that looks like it does the same
kind of thing, as far as they can tell, anyway.

Anyone actually tackling it with any intelligence and planning is almost
certainly going to aim for the lowest-hanging fruit of an apparent 'gravity
wheel', and hence applying net momentum to Earth each cycle.   I can tell
myself that makes them the see-you-next-tuesday, but hey, giving people
guns = giving stupid people guns.  Hardly the exoneration i'd like.

But it's that, or risk burying it the same way Bessler did...

On Mon, Jun 4, 2018 at 4:34 PM, Chris Zell <chrisz...@wetmtv.com> wrote:

> So give us good pictures already. Enough with the verbiage.
> I increasingly believe in the negative power of stigmergy rather than
> conspiracy.  People just blindly follow each other like termites and build
> ideas as truth.   “Everybody knows” that centrifugal force is just a
> pseudo- force, right?  No reason to examine it……
> While Eric Laithwaite was criticized widely, I was impressed that a heavy
> rotor could be lifted and swung around with little effort, pseudo-force or
> not.

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