Here is Veritasium doing his own version Eric Laithwaite's demonstration
There might be something special about rotational motion but I think
conventional physics explains this particular situtation quite well.

In my own research I noticed something unsual from a purely mathemtical
standpoint concerning the geometric relationship between a ring and a
horizontal surface.
If the ring lays flat on the surface, then as long as the motions involved
are relatively slow, the relative motion between any point of contact
between the ring and the surface is the same whether or not the ring is
sliding uniformly over the surface (system A) or if the surface is rotating
underneath the ring (system B).

See this diagram:

If my mathematical analysis is incorrect it would be nice to know.


On Mon, Jun 4, 2018 at 11:34 AM, Chris Zell <> wrote:

> So give us good pictures already. Enough with the verbiage.
> I increasingly believe in the negative power of stigmergy rather than
> conspiracy.  People just blindly follow each other like termites and build
> ideas as truth.   “Everybody knows” that centrifugal force is just a
> pseudo- force, right?  No reason to examine it……
> While Eric Laithwaite was criticized widely, I was impressed that a heavy
> rotor could be lifted and swung around with little effort, pseudo-force or
> not.

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