Jed Rothwell <> wrote:

> I think it is important that the calorimeter not cool the outside wall of
> the reactor much more than this air-flow calorimeter does. I think that
> would interfere with the reaction, or prevent it. That was a problem with
> Mizuno's earlier calorimeter, as we described in some of the papers. It was
> also the problem with McKubre's calorimeter, according to Fleischmann.
> Fleischmann and McKubre strongly disagreed about this.

That's unfair to Mike. Martin strongly disagreed. In later years, I recall
Mike tacitly agree that Martin was right about this.

Anyway, if you want to replicate this experiment, you should have a
calorimeter that puts the cell in something similar to room temperature
air. Don't wrap tubes of flowing water around it. That's what Mizuno did
for a few years. It didn't work. Or it barely worked.

- Jed

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