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>We recommend air-flow calorimetry for this experiment. The reactor walls
>must be hot for this reaction to occur. In previous experiments we used
>water-flow calorimeters with cooling coils up against the reactor walls, or
>cooling coils with insulation between the coil and the wall. Both types
>removed heat too quickly, reducing or eliminating the reaction. The
>calorimeter is an integral part of the experiment. It can interfere with
>the results, or enhance them.
A molten salt coolant in a flow calorimeter with an inlet temperature of e.g.
300 C and an outlet temperature of 300+ C, would allow both accurate measurement
and high power operation concurrently. The whole should be well insulated to
ensure low losses.
Outlet temperature would be determined by controlling the flow rate.

Such an arrangement would not only allow for accurate measurement, it would also
constitute a prototype power reactor.


Robin van Spaandonk

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