In Atlanta, a large group of people organized over the weekend. They are
sewing mask covers. Not the masks themselves, but covers needed to protect
hospital grade masks so that the masks can be re-used. Normally, they are
only used once, but hospitals are running out. All over the country,
researchers and doctors are finding ways to clean and reuse the masks. So,
they plan to cover the outside with cloth covers, and then sterilize the
masks. See:

Cloth masks made of gauze and cotton are washable. They are much better
than nothing, according to Japanese health officials. The Japanese
government is distributing one to every citizen.

My wife has been making them with a sewing machine. Unfortunately, she ran
out of elastic band. There is none left at Walmart. I went on Amazon and
found out that all elastic band is made in China. An inset photo from one
maker shows a woman wearing a mask. The vendor wrote this plaintive message:

"Attention please: We will send it 3-5 days after you complete your order.
But now is a special period, there will be a delay in logistics, and the
expected delivery time is 20-30 days. If you cannot receive this delivery
time, please do not place an order. Thanks for understanding. Pray for the
great American people to get through this crisis as soon as possible."

This seems emblematic of the whole situation.

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