Terry Blanton wrote: 
 > Did you check out the article they referenced:
> Considering the energy densities envolved, it looks more like HP than dense 
> H2. 

Yes, that reference is interesting in a general way, but in terms of specific 
implementation as an affordable fuel - the only real choice would seem to be 
hydronium (as a cation). It is a natural component of water. Catch 22. The 
hydronium cation is not stable and quickly neutralizes, BUT maybe they have 
found a way to stabilize it? 

Here is an paper on hydronium metastability.
"Metastable hydronium ions in UV-irradiated ice"


Curiously, since the topic of electrets came up, that could possibly be another 

Given that Thomas is not pleading for investment, it could be that he is being 
somewhat less than open in the details, but why publish anything at all? 

Maybe he is looking for the rare investor who is actively looking for such a 
solution and can fill in the blanks.


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