Nigel Dyer wrote:
 > This has much the same feel as Brown's gas, including similar supposed 
 > health benefits that others have claimed for Browns gas.
Another option is Santilli's "magnegas" but it contains a significant amount of 
carbon monoxide. Yet there is a point to be made that there must be some 
anomaly in all this noise, even if it is also true that PT Barnum was right. 
One can actually purchase magnegas for welding at many welding shops - but 
there is no study that indicates a strong thermal anomaly.

Wiki has its entry under "Oxyhydrogen" but the explosive mixture has also been 
called HHO,"knallgas," town gas, "common manifold electrolysis" and more. Maybe 
Thomas Gas is the breakthrough which will open the subject up again. It is a 
bit glib to lump it all as fringe science since there could be the same kernel 
of truth as in LENR - which generally leads us back to "dense hydrogen" being 

The original phenomenon - limelight - is 140 years old.Wow. Now we find that 
Holmlid has given us an alternative explanation for what is going on... hmm ... 
one wonders about those old vaudevillians getting irradiated with muons. 

My guess is that Gracie was right (back in the day)... "Never place a period 
where God has placed a comma" - Gracie Allen.
IOW - do not write off the possibility of any of these hydrogen anomalies just 
yet - there is still a comma there.

 > This turned up today - a "new" hydrogen based fuel... shades of Brown's Gas ? 


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