This has much the same feel as Brown's gas, including similar supposed health benefits that others have claimed for Browns gas.


On 22/07/2020 14:57, Jones Beene wrote:
This turned up today - a "new" hydrogen based fuel... shades of Brown's Gas ?

Thomas Gas has all the hallmarks of the typical alternative energy scam, including no independent verification, no useful data, no peer reviewed paper and absurd health claims. But unlike most of these scams - is alluring in that they claim to have a long running working device. Also - a few other details do check out, so at least it is an above-average scam.

Plus - if there is anything to it at all - the description makes it sound like it could involve dense hydrogen in some way, but that too is not clear. Any new tech with overtones of dense hydrogen gets my interest.

Quote:"The prototype of the Thomas Gas Generator is now working for over 5 years."

Whoa. That should be easy enough to document, yet there is no indication from a reputable source that it is true and no images of the device. They have a Facebook page, but I am anti-FB so that is no help.

​They continue: "Thomas Gas (TG) is a hydrogen derivative <> that is 100 % green, clean, environmentally safe, and has higher energy potential than typical hydrogen gas...TG has a net charge of +1, non-combustible, superconductor versus Hydrogen with 0 net charge, highly combustible, and high conductivity.

The British thermal unit (BTU) is a measure of energy production.  Molecular hydrogen (H2) carries 2.7X higher energy per unit mass than gasoline (1 kg of H2 has approximately the energy content of one gallon (2.7 kg) of gasoline).

*Energy Generated by Combustion of Fuels and Hydrogen*
Fuels       BTU/lb.
Gasoline (n-Heptane)  19,314
Natural gas                                      20,267
Conventional gasoline                     18,679
U.S. conventional diesel                  18,397
Crude oil                                           18,352
Hydrogen (H2)                                  52,200
Thomas Gas (TG)                           196,200

As depicted, the energy contained in 1 pound of TG is 10.5 X greater than conventional gasoline and
*3.75X greater than H2*.

Is this complete BS?

My guess is that the odds of it being real are slim, but there is possibly something there and I am willing to waste a few hours of Covid time, trying to find out.

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