Robin wrote: 
One typical sign of BS is that they can't distinguish between L & kg. Quote:-

"Seconds or 400 liters per hour ( 9,600 kgs in 24 hours) at 20 psi."
....also, good luck trying to compress positively charged ions. :)

Well, we could cut them some slack by assuming that the density is one kg/L. A 
most interestingpossibility, for those who believe in Randell Mills concept of 
hydrino hydride would be this:
Given that hydrino hydride is an anion, according to Mills, then that species 
could balance the 
charge of the hydronium cation. That way, a 1/1 mix should be neutral in 

There would still be a problem of phase separation  - gas phase and liquid 
phase but perhapsthis mix could be frozen or otherwise absorbed.
Ice-nine comes to mind   <g>
Felix Hoenikker


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