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> Steve Jones does not believe cold fusion is real. He has seen
> incontrovertible evidence that it is real, and he has met for many
> days with people such as Miles and Storms, who have told him about
> their results in detail. But, like Robert Park, Huizenga and Arata,
> he is convinced that all of the results are wrong. They have turned
> their backs on rationality and the scientific method. They believe
> only what they want to believe; only what appeals to them. Jones and
> Arata cling to the notion that they, and they alone, discovered cold
> fusion, and all other published results are "amateur mistakes" as
> Arata puts it. Park cannot bring himself to admit he is wrong. These
> people will ignore any amount of evidence, both scientific evidence
> and common sense proof, such as the fact that thousands of
> professional scientists do not simultaneously go insane or start
> telling lies that will destroy their reputations and ruin their field
> for a generation.

which Arata is this?


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