--- Harry 

> Could a fire ignite thermite?

This brings up a curious point.

There was indication in a link to the NY Architectural
Press some years ago that there is/was a statute on
the books in Manhattan -- which was put there in back
in the time frame when a WWII bomber crashed into the
Empire State Building. 

Specifically, it was claimed that ALL buildings over a
certain height in Manhattan were required by law to
have build-in a means of easily bringing the building
**straight down** in the event of this kind of
tragedy. The intent was to protect neighboring
structures. The claim was made that Termite was
considered safe enough to preload for this purpose.

All that can be said further is that I remember
reading this some time ago, and then have seen nothing
further in support or in denial of it - as factual. 

The actual demolition permit for several WTC buildings
from the NY authorities was actually posted at on one
Website for a time (I definitely saw it as a scanned
image), but then disappeared; and it was stated that
the City had used legal threats to have it removed. Of
course, it could have been forged.

If the question you seem to be getting at: Was WTC-7
preloaded with thermite in compliance with NY Law -
which was then touched off by the fire? 

Then that would surely be something that the City
would NOT want to be known for liability reasons BUT
which NIST would have no reason to back them on in a
coverup as it would hurt NIST more than the City if it
were exposed.

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