Ladies and gentlemen,

The truth is, I plead, to a large degree, ignorance of this Focardi&Rossi matter.

It had been originally brought to my attention as a patent, and then I pointed out to the person it was merely a patent application and I said, "So what, don't bother me."

Even granted patents don't mean that the devices work as stated. Just look at Seth Putterman's patent for sonofusion.

So here's my question for all you science hounds: Have Focardi&Rossi actually published a real paper or presented one at a science conference?

Has the Focardi&Rossi paper/work been vetted, in any way, in the formal science channel or has it just been hyped up on some bogus Web site that is masquerading as some sort of Journal?

"Journal or Nuclear Physics"? Really??? Can someone please tell me something about this?

And can someone please explain why the good Dr. Melich, allegedly representing the entire "DoD", is involved with this?

And isn't there some mention in the paper of this having to do with the "DoD" yet the paper provides no details?

And a "Board of Advisers" comprising the key authors of this "paper?" Is this a con or what?

Will somebody puhleeze tell me that someone is not running a false flag to discredit Ni-H work.

Will somebody puhleeze tell me that someone did not go to Focardi and Rossi and represent himself as the "DoD" and thereby test and validate inflated claims to set them up for a fall.


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