In addition to Jed's recent, and highly appreciated, report on the
"Energy Catalyzer), I noticed that one of my latest Google news feeds
keyed to "Blacklight Power" directed me to the "Pure Energy
Systems" (PesWiki) web site where a verbose (and HIGHLY optimistic and
probably unrealistic) report on the Focardi and Rossi's device ensues.


Excerpt samples:


This recent public demonstration alone is a huge development, but
what's more, they also claim to be going into production, expecting to
have these available for purchase commercially within a year.This
would become the world's first commercially-ready "cold fusion"
device.The first units are supposed to ship in three months, with mass
production commencing by the end of 2011.


Rossi estimates that the cost of energy made with this system will be
below 1 cent/kWh, in case of electric power made by means of a Carnot
cycle, and below 1 cent/4,000 M J in case of thermal power production
for heating purposes.  That is several times cheaper than energy from
fossil fuel sources such as coal or natural gas.


Rossi also says that they have had one reactor that has run
continually for two years, providing heat for a factory. Also, the
reactors can self sustain by turning off the input, but they prefer to
have an input. The device will be scheduled for maintenance every six
months. You control it "just as you turn on and off your television


Doing a lot of digging into Rossi's Journal of Nuclear Physics blog
shows that scientists are posting and linking speculation that
"hydrinos" (of Blacklight Power fame) or shrunken hydrogen atoms may
be involved in this cold fusion and process and their formation may be
the source of most of the energy released.


The last paragraph must have been the reason why the email showed up
in my "Blacklight Power" news feed.

I especially liked the part where they predict they will have "mass
production commencing by the end of 2011."

Personally, I'd be ecstatic if we had verified independent replication
by the end of 2011.

Steven Vincent Johnson

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