Stephen A. Lawrence wrote:

And as to "not being convinced by anything" ... as long as the conclusions are based on precise heat measurements there is room for doubt.

These conclusions are based on somewhat imprecise measurements, and you can be just as certain with no measurements at all. Just look at the thing. You see water going in at about a liter every three minutes, steam coming out, and only a thin, ordinary wire going to the power supplies. It would be physically impossible for that wire to supply the electricity needed to vaporize that much water. Impossible by a wide margin; at least a factor of 4. You don't even need to see the power meter or thermometers to be sure of this.

  Once the loop is closed there is no more room for doubt.

As far as I am concerned, this is first principle proof, and it is as convincing as a self sustaining machine, or as Fleischmann's boil-off video. Unless there are camera tricks or hidden wires involved this is massive anomalous heat. I do not think there are tricks or hidden wires because the professors involved would notice that, and they would not stand for it. If it were only the inventor, and everything was under his exclusive control, I might suspect a fake, but I would be just as suspicious of a self-sustaining demo under the control of the inventor.

- Jed

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