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> I think Andrea Rossi has made it clear that there will be no
> replication.  He says he wants to sell product.

Maybe we will. People he trusts are asking him to adjust his business plans.
There may not be a totally independent replication but people may be
licensed to acquire and test the material and/or devices without Rossi or
his associates being present. The effect is so large that I would consider
that tantamount to an independent replication.

In my opinion, if 3 or 4 major corporations or national labs test this
machine, and report that it produces 10 kW with the conditions and control
parameters Rossi describes, that will be as convincing as a
made-from-scratch, fully independent replication with something like Pd-D at
5 W. 10 kW is so big, and 0.4 kW input so small in comparison, I do not
think 3 or 4 groups could make an error on that scale.

Also, this is not so different from other cold fusion claims that have been
confirmed. The previous claims support this. It is closer to mainstream cold
fusion than, for example, Mizuno's glow discharge, Mizuno's phenanthrene, or
some of Mills' experiments.

Another possibility, which we discussed earlier, is that the NRC or some
other regulatory agency will wake up and demand that Rossi stop selling
unlicensed nuclear reactors in the U.S. I am serious when I say that would
open the floodgates. The physicists and naysayers would ignore an NRC
ruling, or ridicule it. But my guess is that investors, the military, and
the big corporations would consider that irrefutable proof that the effect
is real. Once that happens there will be no stopping cold fusion.

By the way, I think it would be wise for the NRC to do that! As much as I
would love to see cold fusion, I think it would be foolhardy to install
thousands of reactors without a thorough safety review and without better
theoretical knowledge of the reaction. That would be crazy. That's why I
have grave doubts about Rossi's business strategy.

I fear that the naysayers may try to stop sales on the basis that the claim
is fraudulent. They could not say "it is a nuclear hazard" so they will have
to find some other excuse to block development. I do not think that Rossi's
customers would allow that, but it is a concern. I think there are potential
customers who are anxious to get one of these things, and they would not
appreciate interference by people like Robert Park pulling strings. I am
sure that Robert Park and others like him will do everything within their
power to stop this, as will some cold fusion researchers. I expect the
hard-core political opponents would go all out to stop this even if they
became personally convinced the effect is real. *Nothing* is more important
to them than their own reputations. They would rather see global warming
kill millions of people than admit they are wrong. I am not joking or

- Jed

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