Jed said,

"Notice in the update he  [ Celani ] sent to me today, he refers to
this as a "wonderful device."
I think he is pretty much convinced it is real, despite his complaints
about the test and the fact that Rossi prevented him from taking a [
gamma ] spectrum.

Melich and I are also "pretty much convinced."
Not 100%.

Celani says that people in Italy have been aware of Rossi's claims for
about two years, and several groups are working to replicate. Some
openly, and some incognito.
I doubt they are getting any cooperation from Rossi.
My impression is that after the demo, some of them went into high gear.
If one of them figures out what the 2 magic elements are, Rossi's
intellectual property will be in jeopardy."

I'm more on the skeptical side of these assessments, and am glad to
appreciate the candid sharings.

Happily,  Rich Murray

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