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> I don't see why. For one thing, other researchers are not responsible for
>> what Rossi claims, except perhaps Focardi. Levi is not a cold fusion
>> research. Or he wasn't before Jan. 14.
> this isn't how politics works, Jed. It's how things would work if the world
> were fair.

Naaaa. I don't see a problem here. The mass media has not heard of Rossi. If
they do hear about him they will dismiss him instantly as a fraud. They will
not bother to run a story. No one outside of a small number of cold fusion
aficionados takes these reports seriously.

Besides, we have so much political opposition already, a little extra
helping will not matter.

Maybe if he actually makes and installs a 1 MW reactor, people will start to
take notice, but not the the mass media. They'll dismiss it as a fraud
without bothering to check. Rossi thinks the 1 MW reactor will give him
credibility, but I do not think so. He would gain much more credibility if
he would only allow the NRL to test his machine, but I doubt that will
happen. I do not understand why, but he does not want more independent tests
of his machine. It sure makes him look bad, doesn't it?

I cannot persuade him to do anything. Neither I nor anyone else seems to
have any influence over him. He politely refuses to consider any

- Jed

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