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>>It's no secret:
>>The Bedini pulse charger removes sulfides from the plates.

Isn't that "sulfates"?

>Maybe that's it, maybe not. My impression was of a European company, 
>but that could have been a mistake on my part.
>He was claiming that the thing does far more than simply enhance 
>battery performance. It should be easy to test this! His claim was 
>that they could only market it this way because the Great Powers 
>would shut them down if they openly claimed overunity. 

...well, as I have mentioned here before, Pb is not energetically forbidden from
alpha decaying to Hg, e.g.

Pb208 => Hg204 + He4 + 519 keV

If someone found a way of electrically/magnetically stimulating the decay, then
they could get quite a bit of energy from a lead acid battery.

Ditto for a CF reaction, perhaps even a fusion/fission reaction, such as 

Pb108 + 4H => Pt196 + O16 + 44.7 MeV

...anyone want same waste platinum, going cheap? ;^)


Robin van Spaandonk

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