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Can you tell us anything more about this replication of the Rossi system?

Brian Ahern. I don't know if we should call it a "replication" since he does not know what is in the Rossi cell. I guess we should call it another Ni-H system producing more power density than the older ones back in the 1990s such as Mills or Piantelli. I think the primary differences between then and now are:

1. Lots more surface area, with nanoparticles.
2. Higher operating temperatures (although Piantelli did raise the temperature -- don't think Mills ever did).
3. The magical two additional elements in Rossi's cell, whatever they are.

What catalysts are they using?

Mostly Ni, a little Pd. Varying amounts of Pd.

Would you please clarify what you mean by 800 watts per liter of powder? Do they have to have one liter of nickel powder in the reactor to produce 800 watts.

No, I think it is much less, but normalized to 1 L it would be ~800 W. I told him I think it would be a good idea to increase the volume of material, for the reasons I gave this morning.

- Jed

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