Mary Yugo <> wrote:

> All of them did, in test results they showed me, which unfortunately I
>> cannot upload.  <SNIP>
> Yet another lovely story which can not be confirmed.   That's a pity!  We
> only need *one* that can be and we never seem to get it.

You have got it. Rossi has given out *far* more proof than any previous
cold fusion researcher. There are videos and data from the Oct. 6 test.
That test is irrefutable by first principles. The tests from earlier this
year were also excellent despite the poor instrumentation.

You and the other skeptics have not raised a single objection to the proof
shown in the October 6 test, which is the fact that the water remained at
boiling temperature for four hours with no input power. You yourself have
not even addressed this issue. You talk about the position of the
thermocouples -- which is irrelevant -- or you yell about fraud or Steorn,
fraud, Steorn, fraud. You refuse to address the issues; you refuse to look
at the facts; you do not even understand steam at one atmosphere never gets
much hotter than 100°C. You refuse to learn anything about cold fusion.
Really, you have no business discussing this matter.

- Jed

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