I wrote:

> There are videos and data from the Oct. 6 test. That test is irrefutable
> by first principles. The tests from earlier this year were also excellent
> despite the poor instrumentation.

Let me add that if you are not convinced by the Oct. 6 test I do not think
the earlier tests with the factory heater and the others I have seen would
convince you. Calorimetry is calorimetry. On this scale it is always done
the same way. There were no blank tests as far as I know -- no one ever
does them with kilowatt scale reactions. The instrumentation was all
standard off-the-shelf industrial HVAC type. You have already said that is
not good enough for you.

If these results are published, I am sure you will invent a bunch of
malarkey such as: the temperatures measured at 100°C were really 80°C;
steam does not stay at 100°C at 1 atm; it is possible to input 10 kW with a
wire that would burn up above 3 kW.

- Jed

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