Can't this type of gamma rays be shielded (I think he meant 511 keV gammas)? Using google I found, e.g., the following (although I don't know how well the shielding works):

Further here
They are talking about 3-5 cm of lead shielding which would be required. Levi, e.g., says that the majority of the reactors weight comes due to lead shielding (about 2cm).

By the way: I tried to ask Rossi about this on his journal. Seems as if he didn't like the question...
Defkalion however just answered that shielding is easy:
They refer to this company:


>> 512 keV 180 deg Gammas have been detected.

Then why is he still alive - and how can he possibly claim to put serious effort in developing home units when from that factor alone it is abundantly clear that none of this technology will ever run anywhere that somebody calls home?

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