Yamali Yamali < yamaliyam...@yahoo.de > wrote: >  And as I read it, it would 
imply that the energetic equivalent of 10 kW (or whatever an e-cat produces) 
would have to be thermalized in the lead shielding from gamma rays. So if the 
shield is 3 cm, the equivalent of about 10 kW x .01 or about 100 W would escape 
in form of 511 keV gamma. Easily enough to kill Rossi over the countless hours 
he stood right next to his machines on youtube alone (unless his famous brown 
coat is stuffed with something very different than goose feathers). The 
"thermalized radiation" therory doesn't hold if the 3 cm of lead is all there 
is. I was just looking at Krivits theory table (which is quite useful -- if he 
keeps his personal opinion at bay) By Widom and Larsen: Finally, Widom and 
Larsen propose that heavy SPP patch electrons are uniquely able to immediately 
convert almost any locally produced or incident gamma radiation directly into 
infrared heat energy, thus providing a form of built-in gamma shielding for 
LENR nuclear reactions.

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