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   Smoke detectors don't work with gamma radiation, afaik.

Maybe with very VERY thick smoke?

   Just imagine - two years after Fukujima a guy from Italy goes to
   market with a device that emits detectable gamma radiation, doesn't
   know or at least won't tell anybody how it really works or how it
   may behave in unforseen conditions - and the authorities just say
   "Yes, ok, go ahead and sell it to everybody who wants one."? Its
   never going to happen that way.

Well said! That's pretty funny. I agree that does sound unlikely. I think the only way it could happen would be if government regulators opposed to cold fusion refuse to admit the machine is real, and allow it only because they claim it does not exist.

Stranger things have happened.

If there is any measurable gamma radiation from this thing, with or without shielding, I too predict it will never be allowed for private use.

- Jed

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