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I've put together a new development system. It's a dual Opteron 248 (2.2 GHz) running AMD64 Debian and 32 bit Windows XP. It can compile a CVS checkout of Firefox in less than five minutes :-)

I'm still getting a few rough edges smoothed out with driver issues, but otherwise I'm ready to get back to VOS development. Here's what I'm looking at doing soon:

* Getting physics to work. I have a mostly working client-side implementation, but I need to change avatar movement so that the avatar is pushed around by applying forces rather than setting the avatar's position directly. It's also probably going to have to be initially locked so that only the avatar has physics applied, no pushing boxes around, because if physics is on the client side how to you figure out who's authoratatively responsibe for setting the position of objects on the server?

* Crystalzilla. You guys have no idea how much email I've recieved about this work, and it hasn't even worked right in over a year. I want to resurrect it, and I finally have a computer that can compile Mozilla fast enough that working on it again is feasable.

Physics is the milestone for doing the next release, so I want to get that in so that I can start working on that. I should be able to build ia32, amd64 and Windows installer packages, so that covers the operating systems I care about :-) Also need to check bugzilla for major errors / useful feature requests and see if there is anything else that should go into the release.

Reed: VRML!!! Where are the screenshots of the Cyworx sites running in Ter'Angreal you promised? :-)

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(As for the XML bracketing of this message, I'm just being silly. We don't have an SMTP gateway yet. Lalo, how's that going? :-)

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