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Great Peter,

I am really looking forward to seeing Crystalzilla in action. I have a great need for something like this.

I also wanted to let you know that I had to re-build my system to 32bit because I was having too many problems getting CrystalSpace to work in 64bit. I was smart enough to leave myself a nice Gentoo64 partition though ;-)

Yea, I noticed a few build errors when I checked it out of CVS. However, I am a Crystal Space developer, so I intend to fix it! Failing that, I have a 32 bit chroot set up, so dropping down to 32 bits if absolutely necessary isn't an issue.

Couple that on top of the fact that while I was drinking rum about a week and a half ago...I managed to lose all common sense and ended up falling and breaking a couple of ribs...

<PiratesOfTheCaribbian>But what about the rum?!?!</PiratesOftheCaribbian>

Otherwise: ouch. Hope you're recovering quickly. I wondered why I hadn't heard from you in a while.

While I am still working on getting my dev system up-to-date I am also planning to start on my project (VR Security) again once that is done...

I have to catch up on my documentation on sourceforge and will post a link to the list for anyone else who might be interested in helping to get it running.

Cool.  Looking forward to it!

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