On 21.06.2005 15:03, Peter Amstutz wrote:
> I've put together a new development system.  It's a dual Opteron 248 (2.2
> GHz) running AMD64 Debian and 32 bit Windows XP.  It can compile a CVS
> checkout of Firefox in less than five minutes :-)

*salivates* ;)

>  * Crystalzilla.  You guys have no idea how much email I've recieved
> about this work, and it hasn't even worked right in over a year.  I want
> to resurrect it, and I finally have a computer that can compile Mozilla
> fast enough that working on it again is feasable.

If I may throw in my opinion: it might be interesting to have a CrystalZilla
that actually uses CS' graphics system to draw the UI, not through Allegro. The
nice side would be that the Allegro dependency would be gone for CZ and that the
drawing could use hardware acceleration to some degree (may or may not make a
But talking is easy for me. ;)


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