Also spracht Reed Hedges (Fri, 07 Dec 2007 10:57:10 -0500):
> Oh, ok, then my sketch is not really SOD, just a similar thing. Sorry
> for apropriating the name.  I didn't know that you implemented your
> format (or forgot).  Why wasn't it merged into the main S4 repository?

Hmm... ehn... that's a good question :-P didn't even think about it.  
Guess s5 came around before I could "finish" it?

> I couldn't access your bzr repository, can you maybe post an example SOD
> file just so those of us getting nervous about editing all that XML can
> relax a bit :)

Ah yes, the repository was in a temporary location... I now pushed it to (or for those who can, bzr+ssh://  I also checked it out there, so you 
can actually see the source by going to the same URL; the example is at

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