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> I think Walter Youngquist book "GeoDestinies- The
> inevitable control of Earth resources over nations and 
> individuals" gives

Sounds like an interesting book...I'll have to look it up.  Sounds
especially interesting in the context of everything that's going on in
Africa right now.

> and effect relationship.  Thinking we can control everything 
> to have only
> the results we want is paranoid- excessive need to be superior and in
> control.  Defining God is a futile human effort and so is 
> thinking we can replace God.

So is your position to do nothing about Colombia because God will take care
of it?  Anything we do is trying to define/replace God, and it's a futile
effort because we're trying to control everything in a paranoid attempt to
be superior?  (I'm asking for a position here.)

While God's taking care of it, I'd like to stem the flow of cocaine into my
kindergartener's school.  We have alot of work to do at home (demand-side),
but there's also some...eek..."nation-building" stuff that can be done in
the source country to make production and delivery more difficult.  If
Colombia were more stable, it's economy would improve.  If the economy
improves, the average Colombian will have profitable employment.  If the
average Colombian can feed his family in a respectable profession, he won't
have to make the choice between working for the cartels and feeding his

That's VERY simplified, and of course there are many more things to
consider, but my point is that we shouldn't sit back and do nothing when
it's affecting our national security.  I just think militarizing the
situation is the wrong way to go.


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