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Claes Persson wrote:
Is it not allowed to try and fail? You know, the corporations decide who to emply, not those out of work. In the 17:th century the normal attitude to those beeing out of work was that it was their own faults, but since then the economists and nealry every one else have understood that it is not that simple. When will you? Claes

Sure, I agree that unemployment is not always the fault of the person unemployed. But starvation is. there is always some work available; there is always a way to make living, poor as it may be.

Ordinary people in the former Soviet Union countries, Russia, Ukraine especially, have lost millions of jobs as factories closed due to economic and corruption problems virtually beyond comprehension.  Something as simple as reliable mail is non-existent. How in the world can business, Large of one person business, succeed if the mail handlers ransack the mail and not deliver anything of value?

Anyway, my point is that those people in Ukraine and Russia do not have any form of a welfare system. The must find a way to generate income or they will starve or freeze. The women have taken the bull by the horns and figured out a way to generate income because they are mothers and a mother, knowing no one else will take care of her children, will figure out a way to feed her children. The men can, and frequently do, run away from home to escape financial responsibility for their children and wife and to escape from creditors. yet, mom hangs in there to provide food and a home for her children because she knows no one else will.

I personally know of women that used to operate cranes, drive trucks, paint steel superstructures, etc, until the economy collapsed and no such jobs were available. These same women now bake pies and cakes to sell on the street, make clothes, repair shoes, make household tools out of bones, gather wood for fuel, make charcoal, clean rest rooms, etc, etc, etc... anything that will generate a ruble... and these mothers do without. They do without a phone, they do without traveling to see their parents for decades at a time, they do without butter, meat, and bread. But they are very proud of their children and their family and their home, even though they share a bathroom and kitchen with six other families in an apartment house.

They do these things because they know no one will take care of their children. They know they cannot afford to be the least bit careless and experiment with drugs, or get drunk even on free booze some man may provide because those mothers know the consequences could be disastrous for their children and home.

I have heard that alcoholism is rampant among men in FSU countries, but I have yet to hear that the same problem exist among FSU women.  I submit it is because the women know no one will take care of them or their children if the mothers choose to behave irresponsibly, even for just a few hours.

Here in the USA, fathers and mothers alike can behave irresponsibly, incur serious consequences (lose their job, become pregnant, car wreck, lose driving privileges, become partially brain dead, etc),  because Uncle Sam will take care of them and their children, courtesy of the US taxpayers, even if their impairment was of their own choosing.


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