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WHOA! -- What Explosion? That sounds like something I'd love to explore farther ... Any books on the subject you could recommend?

Certainly. Read Erich von Dänikens books. In all he raise a lot of qustions that no one dare to answere. At least they will leave you with a lot of irritating questions, but as far as I have understood you - you are locked into a relegion and might not be glad over these questions. Most probable, you will react by doubt and denial.

"Locked into a religion"? ... MOI? ...

If you mean an organized system of belief that would give me a label -- No, I'm not.
I don't believe in accidents -- I believe everything happens for a reason. (Because this was done -- this occured)

I do believe in a higher power, which I refer to as "God" because of my Christian upbringing (If I'd been raised as a Muslim, I'd say "Allah"), because it is inconceivable to me that all this (step outside, open eyes, look at earth, sky, etc., etc.) could be the result of an "accident" ... besides, if evolution was really true -- mothers would have at least 4 hands!  :)

And, as I stated in another message, I think the Bible was written by uneducated (ignorant if you prefer) men who were hard pressed to explain the wonders they had seen in terms that the average person of the day could comprehend. The teachings in the Bible -- or Word of God, if you prefer -- are straight-forward and not open to discussion (Thou shall not kill, etc.) but the descriptions of events like the parting of the Red Sea, or Ezekiel's charriot ... they can be interpreted/explained many ways.

The Bible speaks many times about the "Host of Angels" or the "Heavenly Host" ... who are we, as mere mortals, to say what that really is or isn't?

Oh -- I searched Amazon for Erich von Däniken (I should have recognized that name!) and came up with 36 choices. I have seen the specials on the Discovery Channel and TLC, but I don't remember anything about an explosion -- other than the one in Siberia. Could you narrow it down to a particular book?

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