> In a message dated 5/4/02 1:06:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
> > The perversions now taking place i.e.: the suicide bombers
> > are strictly the results of the Palestinians refusal to compromise. Some
> > where along the line their policy makers have decided they can have it 
> > all
> > and they are willing to sabotage every peace proposal because they think
> > they will win in the long run.
> > 
> > Just curious -- no argument desired ...
> Have you ever taken a close look at the map of "Israel"?
> It looks to me like all the choice parts were picked out and the 
> unconnected 
> leftovers were "given" to the natives ... as some sort of appeasement 
> ...
> I say this because we happen to own the piece of land that belonged to 
> the 
> person who owned the whole section ... hence my place is irregular in 
> shape 
> to keep all the "goodies" with this particular piece of property.
> Lawana

The argument about who populated the Holy Land first and in what numbers 
and how each bit of it came into Israeli hands is not quite as simple 
and clear-cut as popular mythology might have it.

None of it really matters much. A situation exists on the ground in the 
here-and-now that has to be dealt with. Going around-and-around over who 
has the rightful title to the land based on things that happened 50 
years ago, a hundred years ago or 2000 years ago and are open to a lot 
of interpretation really won't help.

During the Clinton administration the Jews were pressured into offering 
Arafat the deal of a lifetime. He responded with a murderous intifada. I 
don't think he can be negotiated with because I think he is dedicated to 
the dream of utterly obliterating the Jewish state.

Israel isn't going to be obliterated. They've shown an ability to 
compromise. If the Palestinians had enlightened leadership this mess 
could be settled.

Arafat's not the man for the job.
Al Winslow

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