Well not to make a long thread out of this but Luwannas reply had to do with
his command of English and that was all my reply was addressed to not to her
or Clauses content. I thought her comment about needing English lessons was
a cheap shot and that was the intended thrust of my message Jim
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> james gale wrote to Luwana:
> > And you need a refresher course in courtesy. Claus is a Danish gentleman
> > I believe and is doing a great job presenting complex ideas in a
> > language foreign to him . Perhaps you should reply to him in Danish Jim
> ---------------------------------
> I don't think it was very gentlemanly of Claes to practically say Luwana
> is ignorant because she thinks that there's an unseen purpose expressed
> in the universe of which we are members. He sort of asked for some
> retaliation. I share Luwana's sense of awe when I look around me. Every
> ordinary moment of life is an inexplicable miracle. Those who don't
> share these perceptions are free to denigrate them, but it shouldn't
> surprise anyone when they recieve as good as they get. I will grant you
> that it's something of a feat to discuss such things in a language that
> you didn't grow up speaking every day. -- AW
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