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> I just had a thought, perhaps we can get ahold of:
> http://www.fsf.org/about/contact.html
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> for questions about the GPL and free software 
> licensing

Now that's actually a good idea (and one I should have had myself...) -
just make it the FSF Europe - ask them about a) what they make of the
readme.txt and b) how to proceed. Should be the best legal advice we can
get for free.

> Worst case scenerio is we can ONLY distribute the source code/bins 
> of the source code, and that is it, then we leave it up to the end-
> users to get the data off of warzone demo or the official CD 
> release, or have some repository that can hold the data we now have 
> there. 

But then we can scrap the whole project. We have already modified the
data, we even scrapped the WDG format that's used on the CDs, so for our
current SVN, the CDs are useless. And it degrades us into the role of
curators, we can just keep the game running on modern systems instead of
evolving it.

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