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Am Donnerstag, 11. Januar 2007 13:17 schrieb Per Inge Mathisen:
> I think it would be a good idea to start adding some of the music that
> has been made, just to show that we care. So I had a look at the
> playlist code, and was a bit surprised at why it was made the way it
> is. Basically, the current playlist code was made after the code
> release, and just uses the text file data/music/music.wpl as a list.
> There is also a script command "playBackgroundAudio" which looks like
> it is supposed to control music from within scripts, and this seems to
> me a vastly superior solution. This way a scenario can change the
> music soundtrack from its scripts depending on where you are in the
> campaign, for example. However, this script command does not seem to
> be used anywhere, and ends up in a dummy function
> (lib/sound/openal_track.c:sound_PlayStream(...)).
> I think I would prefer fixing the script function, rather than keeping
> the playlist code. What is the opinion of everyone else? Troman, you
> are the script guru, any thoughts?
The idea is to let the user write a simple script to get his playlist
Sounds good IMO.
Perhaps we can get an ingame menu later, so it is easier for the users...


imo it's not a good idea to let a regular user(assuming he has little or no
knowledge in scripting),not to mention most of us are 'dummy' when it comes
to 'wz scripting'...
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