Christian Ohm schreef:
> On Monday, 15 January 2007 at 23:18, Giel van Schijndel wrote:
>> since the original doesn't seem to get through:
> I got the first one as well.
Hmm, very strange, I haven't, I guess it'll arrive some day later, but
very much delayed then.
>> So I guess you mean to put something like "copyright 2005 various
>> authors" in between Eidos and WZRP?
> Now that'd look quite stupid... I'd either just keep WZRP (since it is
> the continuation of the previous effort, just named differently) or use
> "Warzone Development Project" or whatever name was decided on back
> then...
>> Legally I don't think it matters whether you do make note of "those
>> various authors". Nor does it matter if you'd claim copyright on the
>> changes made in 2005, since there is no law prohibiting claiming
>> copyright when you don't legally poses it.
> There is not? So if the real copyright holder complains, he does based
> on what?
No, there isn't a law prohibiting copyright claims that cannot be
justified. In fact I'd wish there was, that would/might stop some
companies from digitizing public domain works such as paintings and
other art from 1800 etc., only to claim copyright on it (copyright
requires something to be an *original* work, merely scanning and
possibly retouching a picture doesn't count as such). has some info on
this subject.
>> 2) to Attribute or not to Attribute:
>> I'm do not know for sure whether there is a legal obligation to make
>> note of the copyright owned by those various authors. I do however think
>> there is no such obligation unless the license (GPL in this case)
>> requires it.
> The GPL doesn't require it: "0. This License applies to any program or
> other work which contains a notice placed by the copyright holder saying
> it may be distributed under the terms of this General Public License."
> The "put a header in every file" is just a guideline on how to put
> things under the GPL and make it clear for everyone what the license
> used is (besides being PR for the FSF and GPL), and that it was indeed
> the copyright holder who chose that license.
I see it might be time that I'd refresh my memory on the GPL again. But
I guess you might be right. I might be mixing this up with the FDL
(which I know *does* require all previous authors to be attributed
unless one explicitly waives that right/privilege).


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