On 1/26/07, Dennis Schridde <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Am Samstag, 27. Januar 2007 schrieb Ari Johnson:
> I don't have time to check the bug lists, but I'm just running these
> by everyone in case they are Mac-only problems.  This is from the
> latest subversion:
> 1. When you drag a rectangle to select multiple units, it comes up as
> solid yellow with the unit brackets showing through but not the
> terrain or units themselves.  Basically, anything 3D becomes solid
> yellow.  Screenshots are attached.
Really odd. Very probably related to r603, like Christian said.
Works fine here... Dunno why it may be a problem for MacOS...

I'll look into the r603 changes.  Maybe I can figure it out.

> 2. The minimap view indicator (the yellow trapezoid) seems to scale
> incorrectly, and goes inside out at some points.  Screenshots are
> attached to show the two extremes of zooming out and then in.
Either I am just too stupid, my imaging program doesn't work correctly or you
attached the wrong portion of your screenshots... I simply can't see the
minimap at all.

You're not alone - I forgot that the minimap and other UI elements
don't show up in MacOS screenshots.  Probably related to how SDL
interacts with the Mac.  Anyhow, basically what happens is this:

1. I think that the minimap's display area indicator is supposed to be
a yellow outline with a lighter yellow interior.  This is what gets
drawn when I zoom all the way in, although it's drawn in kind of the
wrong shape, as if it were just zoomed in until you went cross-eyed at
2. When you zoom to regular levels, out enough to see more than a
couple units at a time, it is drawn in the right shape but does not
have a filled-in light yellow appearance, just the outline.

I might try to look at the math for drawing it, although the minimap
code is kind of twisted from what I remember of the last time I looked
at this problem.

> 3. Keys with Left Control shifting are off.  For instance,
> Ctrl-left-arrow speeds up the simulation, Ctrl-minus sets it to 1.0
> speed, and Ctrl-equal-sign slows it down a step.  Ctrl-Z, which used
> to be "select all similar units" is now "jump to next factory".  I
> don't know what might be causing this.
Probably the keymap was changed. Did you try to delete the old one?

Yeah, that fixed it.  Thanks for the pointer - that should definitely
go into the README for new versions, so people know to kill off the
keymap file if they get weird behavior on an updated version.

> 4. The output at the end of this message comes up just in the first
> couple of stages of playing the campaign.
Just had a quick look. Those files really don't exists. Probably someone
changed a portion of the code to make them appear, while they were hidden
behind some unused code earlier. It shouldn't be a problem, since they are
not required, as the output says. Maybe someone can have a look in the 1.10
Warzone to see what was in them before they got lost... (Or maybe they were
even in the SVN earlier, but got deleted in an accident? Should be fixed

They don't seem critical but it's good to keep track of these things,
because it indicates a file that was removed, renamed, or otherwise
changed without changing the code; or a change in the code where
someone forgot to add the corresponding text file.

There is an added bug that came up for me.  This has come up recently
a few times but it is kind of hard to predict:

6. Crash while playing the game.  It semes to be related to what units
I have selected but I don't know what triggers it.  Here is the
error:      scrCBNewUnit: no unit has been set
error:      Assert in Warzone: scriptcb.c:121 : scrCBNewDroid (FALSE),
last script event: '11 (CALL_NEWDROID)'
scriptcb.c:121: failed assertion `(0)'

Any clues on what that means?

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