On 1/26/07, Christian Ohm <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Friday, 26 January 2007 at 22:09, Ari Johnson wrote:
> 1. I think that the minimap's display area indicator is supposed to be
> a yellow outline with a lighter yellow interior.  This is what gets
> drawn when I zoom all the way in, although it's drawn in kind of the
> wrong shape, as if it were just zoomed in until you went cross-eyed at
> it.
> 2. When you zoom to regular levels, out enough to see more than a
> couple units at a time, it is drawn in the right shape but does not
> have a filled-in light yellow appearance, just the outline.

Actually it isn't yellow. There's a grey trapezoid indicating the field
of view. If you zoom in, the parallels are shortened, they overlap, and
the overlapping area is overlayed with a lighter gray, like the
selection box should be since r603. Since both are yellow in your case,
the two problems might be connected somehow.

That helps to know.  Thanks!

Anyhow, I fixed the crash in saving the game.  Loading the game
resulted in a different crash, which I also fixed, but then there was
another one:

7. The following error occurs when loading a saved game, at least in
campaign mode:
error:      eventSetContextVar: Variable type mismatch (1/0)
error:      Assert in Warzone: event.c:779 : eventSetContextVar
(FALSE), last script event: '<none>'
event.c:779: failed assertion `(0)'

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